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Airbus Defence and Space signed a memorandum of understanding to provide engineering support for Astrobotic as it refines the lander's design, which Thornton said is approaching a preliminary design review.

"For us at Airbus Defence and Space, the moon is a very important topic," said Bart Reijnen, senior vice president of on-orbit services and exploration at Airbus Defence and Space.

(Polaris was designed to be capable of carrying the RESOLVE payload.) By February 2015, Astrobotic had further delayed the moon mission to the second half of 2016, but then contracted with two other GLXP teams including Team Hakuto and Team Angelicv M.

The 2015 mission was named Polar Excavator (now Icebreaker), would target the lunar north pole, and was nominally planned for July 2015 (now October 2015).

By August 2011, per version 2.4 of the User's Guide, there had been two small changes to the mission manifest with the first mission now aimed for either an Apollo site or a skylight entrance to a lava tube, and the launch date has been changed to a range: December 2013 to April 2014., the Astrobotic mission on the Space X Falcon 9 was rescheduled for October 2015.

ms/0717I would suggest the following addendum to the Advocate Condell's and Centre Club's pathetically inaccurate Mission Statement.

If you are a water skier, you will want to choose this design to express your sense of style and customize it to make it your very own.

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